Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Sunday, February 6
Despite the fact that the goal of this whole study abroad thing is to experience complete cultural emersion, I am already nervous that I am becoming too accustomed to the Spanish lifestyle too quickly …
Exhibit A:
First of all on Monday afternoon, Dana and I asked Zak what he planned on doing for the rest of the afternoon. He responded that he was probably going to study. Completely baffled we started cracking up laughing and asked him exactly what he planned on studying. We then all came to the conclusion that we cannot even find things to study … there is nothing to study even if we wanted to … Spain how I love thee! Although I am a complete dork, so I have been reading a lot about the history of Spain and stuff like that and it is actually extremely interesting. It is great to finally have time to learn what you want to learn. Ok, that was poorly stated … obviously everyone takes classes at Middlebury because they are interested in the subject matter and ‘want to learn’ about it. I am pretty sure you get where I am going with this …
Exhibit B: party on Tuesday night until 3am
This Tuesday was Dana’s 21st birthday and what started as a small group dinner celebration quickly morphed into a full-blown Spanish fiesta in my piso. Connie and I baked brownies which turned into quite the project. Not only did we do about 2 pages of math in an attempt to convert standard volume measurements to metric weight measurements (everything here is measured in grams), we also made about 5 trips to different super markets in search of baking ingredients. In the end we ended up with 48 decently sized brownies haha … you do not even want to know how much sugar that took! Tuesday night … dinner was at 9 and by midnight about 40 people were dancing the night away to songs such as “Grease Lightening” “Girl All the Bad Guys Want” and “Like A Prayer” (for the Middkids) The one aspect of the party you can be confident everyone will remember for a while was, once again, a ‘Louis contribution.’ Early on in the evening he had the clever idea of hiding one, yes just one, of Dana’s shoes in our cabinet. Louis left early, completely forgetting that he had hid the shoe. An hour later as everyone was getting ready to go out to the bars (at around 1) Dana’s shoe was absolutely nowhere to be found. Despite Etienne’s valiant search effort which included crawling under all of the tables and lifting up every piece of furniture by himself … the shoe was never found … not even the next day during me and Connie’s post-party cleanup party. Dana ended up going out to the bars wearing her shoe along with one of my running shoes.


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